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The first In Person Annual Meeting since 2019 was held successfully at BRIDGEWATER GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB, in Fort Erie.

It was incredibly wonderful to meet and greet each other, catch up on all the news and enjoy a great BRUNCH together.

The MC for the day was Norma General Lickers, Clan Mother, Justice of the Peace of Six Nations, long-time NCNW member, and one of our founders.

Many Nye: weh and thank you to you, Norma, for assisting us with this important function.

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The Chapter receives no core or ongoing funding. We are fully owned and operated by Native/Indigenous women from our community. Niagara Chapter – Native Women Inc. is a fully registered not-for-profit charitable organization and became officially incorporated in 1983. We welcome your donations to help us continue providing programs and services for our people, and to assist in our growth through volunteerism to continue these much-needed provisions.Niagara Chapter – Native Women Inc. ( is an autonomous provincial Chapter of the Ontario Native Women’s Association, which is affiliated with the Native Women’s Association of Canada. The NCNW encourages Native/Indigenous Women to become active participants in society while remembering and honouring our unique cultural and spiritual beliefs. Our organization is here to offer a friendly connecting place and to support Native/Indigenous women and their families through access to culturally relevant services and programs. Current initiatives include a strong interface with education, justice, health, and child welfare issues from infancy to beyond middle age. Our organization is built on the dedication of our members and volunteers. 

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We are not a “core-funded” organization and do all of our own fundraising. We are a fully registered charity with Revenue Canada. If you wish to donate directly to us, 100% of your donation goes directly into our work and stays in Niagara! Alternatively, is an online donation service that retains 4% of all donations for administrative costs. 


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