FACS Niagara Memo of Understanding

2nd gathering at Rama First NationWendy Sturgeon E.D. accepted the invite of FACS Niagara to attend the 2nd gathering at Rama First Nation sponsored by OACAS, Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies.  This year’s gathering was themed around “Bringing Indigenous Children Home” and working together to do that.  One of the activities was for all participants to make a small bracelet with beads. When joined together, it forms an image of the Two Row Wampum Belt.  Teachings on its meaning were shared. 

These gatherings by OACAS are meant to build on the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action and the Nine point commitments of OACS.  We participate due to our long time partnership and commitment to working together for our children and families. 

We base this on the first signed commitment locally with FACS which took place at FACS Niagara June 21, 2016.  This was followed by our Memo Of Understanding signed this year June 21, 2018 on National Indigenous Day and strengthening this commitment.