Meeting with Premier of Ontario 2018

Annual update meeting with the Premier of Ontario on February 5, 2018 in the Legislature building located in Toronto, Ontario.

Left to right front row: Minister MIRR David Zimmer, Executive Director ONWA Cora McGuire, Premier Kathleen Wynne, President ONWA Dr. Dawn Harvard, ONWA Treasurer Betsy. Back row left to right: Asst. Dep. Minister MIRR, Shawn, Asst Dep. Minister MIRR, Director ONWA, Assets and Community Development Ms. Ingrid Green, ONWA Director of Research Ms. Tammi, Deputy Minister of MIRR Ms. Deborah Richardson, ONWA Grandmother Suzanne Knapp Couter, ONWA Secretary Ms. Wendy Sturgeon, ONWA Director of Policy Ms. Courtney, ONWA Director of Administration and Board Relations Ms. Julia King.